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The Survivor

The Survivor by John Goddard

24 Spine-Chilling Adventures on the Edge of Death

John Goddard, a career explorer and adventurer, experienced many thrilling close calls with death during his adventurous life. As told in one of the most memorable stories in the original Chicken Soul for the Soul, when he was a boy, John Goddard made a list of 127 things he would like to do in his life, from living with pygmies in Africa and headhunters in Borneo to exploring the world's greatest rivers and highest peaks.

The Survivor captures some of these adventures as it follows his experiences from boyhood, through his teen years and into adulthood. Each individual adventure is sure to thrill readers-from the exquisite details of exotic locales, to the raw power of Pacific storms, to the hair-raising brushes with death-always emphasizing the danger and exhilaration intrinsic to the adventurous life. Unique to this book, though, is the author's reverence for life and all living things, his honesty in admitting his own recklessness, his awe and gratitude to the supreme force that miraculously allowed him to survive each of these close calls with death, and his ability to use his experiences and the lessons he learned to set and achieve clear, meaningful goals. This great read will entertain and inspire people to live their dreams.

ISBN: 1558746951

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Kayaks Down the Nile

"Kayaks Down the Nile" is the story of John Goddard's greatest accomplishment. Leading the expedition with two French explorers, all three in kayaks, Goddard traversed 4,145 miles of river: the world's longest. Nearly drowned in a cataract, attacked by wild hippos and vicious dogs, almost buried alive in a sandstorm, scorched by the sun, shot at by 30 Egyptian river pirates, stoned by a mob of hostile Arabs, ravaged by malaria and dysentery, the three "Nileteers" survived them all. Kayaks Down the Nile is Goddard's exciting, day-to-day account, depicting the cultures of the peoples along the Nile and the adventure of true explorers.

ISBN: 0842515755

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The LA Times called him,
"The real life Indiana Jones" and one of his expeditions, "the most amazing adventure of this generation."

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