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One man's life of no regrets

Goddard paused halfway through a 1956 exploration of the Congo River to study the primitive but peaceful Walengola tribe.

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John Goddard Turns Pursuit of 127 Boyhood Goals into a Lively Career

Even at 15, John Goddard knew what he wanted to do with his life. One rainy morning in 1940 the ambitious Los Angeles teenager wrote down 127 goals on a pad of yellow paper. Some represented the simplest adolescent longings: to high-jump five feet, broad-jump 15 feet, do 200 sit-ups and 20 pull-ups, and weigh a trim 175 pounds. Others were a little more demanding. He wanted to explore the Nile, fly in a blimp, light a match with a .22 rifle. He was determined to climb the Matterhorn, ride an ostrich and read the Bible from cover to cover.

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The World’s “Greatest Goal Achiever” – The Legend of John Goddard

John Goddard – The “Real Life Indiana Jones” 1924-2013
World-Reknowned Adventurer, Explorer, Author, Lecturer
Most of us have wild dreams for our lives when we are children. But through the process of “growing up” into adulthood, we’re taught to be “realistic.” Get a real job, set our sights low, live vicariously through action heroes on television and in the movies. Imagination becomes the first casualty.

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11-Year-Old's Bucket List Is #Goals

The concept of a bucket list has been improbably durable. Who would have thought that a Jack Nicholson-Morgan Freeman vehicle that didn't do much commercially or critically would spawn a phrase. Of course, the film didn't invent the bucket list (that would be John Goddard), but we all know what it is.

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The LA Times called him,
"The real life Indiana Jones" and one of his expeditions, "the most amazing adventure of this generation."

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